Charles Ortleb interviews the world's most important Chronic Fatigue Syndrome researcher on his weekly Progressive Radio Network show.

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Support the work of Charles Ortleb, the journalist, historian, political philosopher, and literary intellectual who found himself at the center of the biggest political, scientific, and cultural story of our time. You can help speak truth to power by just buying one of his books. And listen to his new radio show here. Nobody can fight a battle like this alone.

Below are recent books by the first publisher and editor-in-chief to take the AIDS epidemic seriously. In Rolling Stone, David Black said that his newspaper, the New York Native, 
deserved a Pulitzer and in The New York Times, Andrew Sullivan described his early work on the epidemic as "visionary." Also in Rolling Stone, Katie Leishman wrote,
“It is undeniable that many major AIDS stories were Ortleb’s months and sometimes years before mainstream journalists took them up.”

After pioneering the coverage of AIDS, he was also the first publisher to devote his paper to covering the emerging AIDS-related epidemic of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and HHV-6.

Nobody knows the true history of the AIDS and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome if they haven't read all of Ortleb's books. He knew all the players and made his newspaper the paper of record for people who really wanted to understand the politics and science of the epidemic. In the process, Ortleb became the rare writer and thinker who sees both the trees and the forest. Like his publications, Christopher Street and New York Native, these groundbreaking books have the potential to change the course of history.

All of Charles Ortleb's books are available in print and on Kindle in every country that has Amazon. And every bookstore and library can order them from the major distributors.


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